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Celebrate Life! Artists Collaborating for Kids with Cancer

The Concept:

The idea is to bring together a diverse group of artists who will join forces for an event in May 2018 to support kids with cancer. Individually, we accept the challenge of creating a personally authentic work of art inspired by the drawing of a child with cancer. Collectively, our aim is to help the C4Life: Celebration for Life organization raise money for Camp Can Do and its campers. We also plan to have fun, build community, and grow as artists while doing it.

The Back Story:

Camp Can Do is a summer camp tucked away in the woods of Mount Gretna, PA, where for two weeks each summer, kids with cancer can Just. Be. Kids. This past August, I was lucky to hang out with a few of these amazing campers. Armed with markers and pastels, the idea was to simply draw what they love. Here's what they created...

The Kids' Artwork:

The Kids:

The Details:

We aim to CONNECT campers with artists who honor the courage of these kids and celebrate life with them through art.

  • Artists select a child's drawing and create a work of art that draws inspiration in any way from the original piece.
  • Whether that inspiration is a color, a shape, a concept or motif, whether it triggers a memory or personal experience, the artist creates work that either aligns with his or her current journey as an artist, or encourages experimentation and the breaking of new ground.
  • Importantly, the finished work will also align with the theme "Celebrate Life." This theme is designed to be broad but unifying, and it truly reflects the infectious positive outlook of these young people.
  • Once all of the drawings have been connected with an artist, we can begin accepting multiple artists per drawing.
  • All media are welcome, although there are some size and weight limitations.
  • Finished work does not need to mirror or even resemble the original drawing. There are no rules. The idea is to start with the drawing, travel inward, and see what evolves. 
  • For the auction, artists set the minimum bid for their work and receive half of the minimum bid (if met) to cover material costs. 

The GOAL is to raise enough money to send at least one kid to camp! The Celebrate Life Artists' Alliance will also generate community awareness about childhood cancer and the amazing work of Camp Can Do and the Celebration for Life organization.

A series of EVENTS will be held during Lancaster PA's Spring Art Walk (May 4-6, 2018) at The Courtyard at Stevens House, 10 South Prince Street, Lancaster, PA!

  • Friday, May 4...
    During Lancaster's First Friday, the artwork will be on display in the Courtyard at Stevens House, 10 South Prince Street, Lancaster, PA, from 5 - 8 PM
  • Saturday, May 5...
    A private VIP CELEBRATION in the Courtyard from 7 - 10 PM will include a live auction of the artwork, live music, and hors d'oeuvres! Thank you to Tim Schwartz and Riley Real Estate, Inc. for sponsoring the event by providing the space! Thank you to Good Spirits Bartending for being a sponsor by providing the drinks! Live music will be provided by Joel Alan Taylor, of San Francisco's Taylor and the Pretty Noises, and Lancaster's own Monica DeVitry!
  • Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6...
    The COMMUNITY will be invited to visit displays during the SPRING ART WALK and participate in a collaborative public art project! Also, information about the kids, the camp, and ways to get involved will be available for visitors.

The Invitation:

If you love this idea and would like to help in any way, or if you have questions, ideas, or suggestions, simply email me (Stacy Caldwell).
Tickets for the Saturday evening VIP Celebration and Live Art Auction are $80. Online registration is now open - CLICK HERE to secure your spot!

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