The materials are mostly oil paint and charcoal because these materials come directly from the earth, and they are workable. The surfaces are typically paper, matte board, unstretched canvas, or panel because these surfaces are rigid and more disposable than a prepared canvas. This encourages freedom and reduces the pressure to make a finished painting.

The paintings want to be small. They seem to invite one to get close, both in the making and the viewing. Small paintings say what they want to say, quietly, without overwhelming. 

There are a few places that have become favorite sites to set up and paint uninterrupted for a few hours. Some of the motifs might be recognizable across the work - the trees, the creeks, the hills, the fields. Although the places feel familiar, the approach and process aims to avoid formula. There is a sense of safety and belonging, but also a nervousness and imbalance.

The odd mix of familiarity and strangeness, of recognition and surprise, of the known and unknown, is interesting. It is somehow primal. It is like sound waves that are most full and round when they are “out of phase.”

All of the paintings, whether from life or imagined, have become a “style of living” (de Kooning) and a way of learning to pay deep attention. The careful attention of the artist is, in the end, Love. When I can get out of the way, and when the paintings are free to be what they want to be, I believe and hope they are themselves Love.

I'm a life-long resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I live, work and paint.  For eight years (2006 - 2014) I studied painting, drawing, and art history in the evenings while working full-time at Millersville University and rearing two boys. A key influence and mentor has been Millersville painter/teacher Robert Andriulli. Another key influence has been Irish painter Timothy Hawkesworth, who offers extended immersive explorative painting workshops in Pennsylvania, Vermont and Ireland.

The high point of all of this was being selected in 2018 out of 170 applicants for a three-week Provincetown Community Compact residency in a historic dune shack on the Outer Cape near Provincetown MA. This experience was a true gift. I have tried to put words to it, but simply cannot.

The boys are now grown, and I continue to work full-time to support my habit, finding opportunities daily to immerse myself in nature, solitude, and the practice of painting. This practice is far from a past-time. There is joy and fulfillment in the life-long struggle. It has become a necessary pursuit of “absolute freedom.” (Agnes Martin).

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Provincetown Community Compact Artists’ Residency, July 14 - August 4, 2018
Artists’ Collaboration for Kids with Cancer, Lancaster PA - Invitational Group Live Auction (Organizer/Curator)
56th Annual Community Art Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA

55th Annual Community Art Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA

The Arch, Lancaster, PA - Curator/Co-Exhibitor
Steeple View Lofts, Lancaster PA - Featured Artist
Pop-Up Gallery, Block Island, RI
The Landscape, Gallery360, Lancaster PA - Juried Group Exhibition
52nd Annual Open Art Award Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA - Participant
Déjà Vu Gallery, Block Island, RI - Selected Works
Ralph's, Slaymaker Building, Lancaster PA - Solo Exhibition
Déjà Vu Gallery, Block Island, RI - Selected Works
51st Annual Community Art Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA - Participant
The Candy Factory, Lancaster PA - Group Invitational Show, Curator/Participant

Isaac's, Lancaster PA - Solo Exhibition

47th Annual Community Art Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA
Art and Music Festival, Marion Court Room, Lancaster PA