On Painting

Adventure Awaits

This week a year ago, I was in Bennington, Vermont, fully immersed in a personal pilgrimage with paint as my vehicle. Looking back on this past year and at some of the paintings that have resulted since then, I do see and feel some new directions emerging. The biggest challenge for me is painting what and how I want to paint and breaking free of any sense of obligation or expectation.

Fog on the Cove
36 x 36" Oil on Canvas

It's funny how progress is rarely recognizable while you're making it, but when you stop and take a look back and around, those bits of progress begin to crystallize.

Next week I'll be heading north again, this time to Block Island, RI. This is where my singer/song-writer/guitar-player son has been living for several months and has fortuitously connected with some club owners/musicians who have also recently opened a new gallery there. Thankfully, they are interested in some of my more recent work.

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