On Painting

Mama and Chloey

What to say about this painting? It didn't come easy, but... I did have fun with it. I hate to admit that having sketchy reference photos helped in the end, I think, frustrating as it felt. Some things had to be invented for the sake of the painting, and there were certainly no details to be seen anywhere, and therefore none to bog me down.

Mama and Chloey
oil on canvas
20 x 24"

Also this...
"Let me list for you a few things that your creative work doesn't have to be: It doesn't have to be particularly good. It doesn't have to be remotely marketable. It doesn't have to be world-changing. And it definitely doesn't have to be original. Really, your creative work only needs to be one thing: DONE. Just do it. Do your work because engaging with creativity changes you, shapes you, grows you, enlightens you, and frees you. Whatever happens to your work after you're finished making it is kind of none of your business. Just go do something you've never done before. Doesn't matter if 1000 people have done it before you; you haven't done it yet — so it's new and fresh, by definition. Just go do it. And do it with JOY." - Elizabeth Gilbert

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