On Painting

Venturing North

The Story of Why I'm Venturing North to Block Island Tomorrow, And Why It's Not At All How It Was Supposed To Be, But Why That's Okay (I Think):

Painting of a memory, well more like two memories of Block Island from last summer on the beach at night and the ferry coming in and looking like a ghost ship and also the sparkly blue phosphorescents in the water.

Last summer, while I was visiting my son who was living on Block Island at the time, a cute gallery in town where I had displayed a few of my paintings invited me to be a featured artist this summer for two weeks. They were extremely enthusiastic, and I was super super excited for the opportunity, as you can imagine.

I spent much of the year, and most of my spare time since January, immersing myself in everything I love and know and remember about the place that is Block Island. It's a special place personally for many reasons. The painting was challenging. I challenged myself. And I feel as though it's truly some of the best work I've done. These are special paintings. Every one of them is a story. And I feel they belong with people who connect with that place.

Early June came and the gallery gal called to say they decided not to open this season for various reasons beyond their control. I felt very badly for them because I know it was a painful decision. But now what to do? The paintings stared back at me in my studio. They didn't belong here in these four walls. I thought of shrugging my shoulders and moving on, or working something out with another gallery for next year. All the other galleries were already booked and busy for this season.

But I persisted and happened to find the potter who has made the former gallery - where I was supposed to be - into her new studio and store. I suggested I set up my paintings on the porch outside for a few days and see what happens. I'll paint the town from the porch amid my paintings, sort of pop-up gallery style. She's been extremely helpful, and while there are a ton of unknowns - weather, space, foot traffic flow, etc... - I'm going with it. It is what it is, as they say. Who knows what good may possibly come of it? In the meantime, I'm trying not to think of everything that could possibly go wrong.

So I'll be setting up this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and sending an invitation out to the universe for a few good things, new people, interesting experiences to come my way. And soaking up the vibes of that gorgeous Block Island landscape, sky, and sea!! Wish me luck :)

You can view most of the paintings I'm taking with me here.